Say goodbye to period cramps
& hello to your C-Spot.

Yoogen is the first pain-relief wrap for eliminating
menstrual cramps in less than 5-minutes.

There is a spot on the female body called “The Cramp Spot” or the "C-Spot." This spot was discovered by the inventor of Yoogen, a 20-year acupuncturist.

Based on the principles of acupuncture, Yoogen places pressure on The Cramp Spot and works with the energetic systems of your body to relieve the pain you experience during menstruation.

There are no pills, needles or electricity required. Best of all, once you apply Yoogen for five minutes and experience the relief, you can remove it and go about your day pain free!

Yoogen Strap
No more pain

"I tried the Yoogen band for the first time and it was miraculous. I never imagined I could relieve cramps without some form of medication. This truly is life-altering"

Tanya K., Pre-med University of California, San Diego