How To Use The Yoogen Strap

Step 1: While sitting (you must use your right hand for left leg or left hand for right leg,)hold your hand just below your knee by placing your thumb inside the area on the back of your leg where your knee bends and cupping the front of your leg.

Step 2: Place Yoogen’s pressure plate under your pinky finger’s knuckle, with the pressure towers against your skin.

Step 3: Apply pressure to the pressure plate from the top to the bottom. You are looking for a tender area (the C-spot). If none is found, lower the pressure plate by 1-2 inches and apply pressure again.

Step 4: After you find the tender area, place the top of pressure plate on the top of the tender area. Tighten the strap to feel pressure (not to the point of pain). This way both of the tender points will be covered by the pressure plate. This is the key to yoogen, both tender spots have to covered by pressure plate.

Step 5: If you have applied properly, in less 5 minutes, you will have total relief.

Yoogen on a Leg